Greenland, St. nike air max 180 Thomas and Lapp work, but without appeasing my hunger. I therefore look into every opportunity which presents itself, seeking that the kingdom of my Redeemer may be strengthened among men." Nor did he lack ready assistants, for the Moravians were as eager as he. ", When we in Herrnhut heard of Georgia, of which much was being published in the newspapers, and when we realized the opportunity it would give to carry the Truth to the heathen, several Brethren, who had 18 The Moravians nike from china infrared in Georgia The Moravians in Georgia The needs of the Schwenkfelders gave a new turn to their thoughts, and cheap tns suggested the advantages that might accrue from a settlement in America to which they might all retreat if the persecution in Saxony waxed violent; but early in the year 1734, the question "Shall we go to Georgia only as Colonists, nike air max 180 or also as Missionaries?" was submitted to the lot, and the answer was "As Missionaries also." 


The defection of the Schwenkfelders, therefore, while a serious interference with the Herrnhut plan, was not allowed to ruin the project. nike air max women Zinzendorf wrote again to the Trustees, and they repeated their promise of land, provided his colonists would go at their own expense., After much consultation the decision was reached that Zinzendorf should ask for a tract of five hundred acres, and that ten men should be sent over to begin a town, their families and additional settlers to follow them in a few months. The next step was to jordans for cheap find a way to send these men across the Atlantic. Baron George Philipp Frederick von Reck, a nephew of Herr von Pfeil, who had led the first company of Salzburgers to Georgia, was planning to take a second company in the course of the next months. 


He was young and enthusiastic, met Zinzendorf's overtures most kindly, and even visited Herrnhut in the nike air max turbulence early part of October, 1734, when, as it happened, nine of the prospective colonists were formally presented to the Congregation.Baron Reck was very much impressed,, promised to take with him to Georgia any of the Moravians who wished to go, and even sent to David Nitschmann, who was to conduct the party as far as London, full authorization to nike store australia bring as many as desired to come, promising each man who went at his own expense a fifty-acre freehold in Georgia, and 19 nike air max light The Moravians in Georgia The Moravians in Georgia But Reck had failed to realize the force of the Halle opposition to Herrnhut, and soon weakened under the weight of persuasion and command laid upon him by those whose opinion he felt obliged to respect.


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